Moment Rabbit (momentrabbit) wrote in nocona_comic,
Moment Rabbit

The queue's backed up to 3K again.

So until it goes live again, here we go.

  • Nocona is now on indefinite hiatus.

    Details here. Nocona is going to go dormant for a time. We'll see if we return to it. All in all, we had four years - for a first try at a…

  • Update (last for a while)

    Nocona updated Monday, and again today. And that's it for now! Nocona's on hiatus for a month: New strips resume July 19, 2010. See you then!

  • Update.

    Nocona updates for June 11, 2010. Nocona will be on hiatus from June 21 through July 18, returning July 19, 2010. There will be two more strips…

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